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Obituary for Leonard Heinrichs

Leonard Ruben Heinrichs was born to John and Anna Heinrichs on November 4, 1918 and delivered by his Aunt Sara in Enid, Oklahoma. His family lived in the country and the nearest doctor was miles away. Shortly after he was born he cried a lot so the local doctor who was American Indian came to see how he could help. He put an herb in an oil lamp and passed the infant Leonard over the fumes. He stopped crying and had no problems after that.
Since he grew up in a German speaking community, he had to learn English in school and therefore repeated the first grade. Leonard actually attended 13 schools before graduating from Enid High School.
After farming in Oklahoma and Texas, the family moved to California. His family settled in Reedley where he attended Reedley College, followed by study at Fresno State College.
Leonard met his wife, Luella at a gathering of the area churches in the Midwest, at a church conference, where meetings were held under a large tent. Leonard found he was more interested in her than in the meetings, so he made sure to look for her at the tent meetings.
After their courtship, Luella and Leonard were married in 1941 and settled in North Hollywood. He worked for Vega Aircrafts building bomber planes for England. Shortly thereafter, Leonard was drafted into the Army. He served as a Surgical Technician in both North Africa and Italy.
Leonard’s first son, Stanley, only lived a few hours. Martin was born while Leonard was away serving in the Army. Upon his return Leonard and Luella continued to grow the family. Martin was followed by two brothers; Gordon and Leland. Then came the true beauties of the family; Annett and Laural.
When he had finished his schooling in Los Angeles Chiropractic College, Leonard began a long, fruitful practice of healing and health care in Fresno, California. He served the entire community of Fresno and had great relationships with his many patients. He took healing very seriously which is exemplified by the fact that he would ask God for wisdom in treating difficult cases. Leonard often said that God would wake him in the middle of the night with the knowledge of how to help the patient. He served on, and was President of The American College of Chiropractic Orthopedics, California Chiropractic Association and on the Board of Regents.
Church involvement was always a priority for the Heinrichs family, in regular attendance and serving. Leonard and Lu served as Deacons, Sunday School teachers, Youth sponsors and Leonard served on the Church Council.
Leonard and Luella were married for over 50 years, travelling extensively with their family. Leonard loved to travel and made many trips abroad, visiting 24 different countries. He was up for any exciting adventurous trip. His extensive travels included mission trips to treat unusual cases in Nicaragua, Belize, China, Russia, and Hungary.
Having his daughters later in life and involved in their lives as Youth Sponsors helped him stay young. He learned to snow ski at the age of 60 on a family vacation.
Leonard went to be with his Lord on September 23rd after living with his daughter and son-in-law, Annett and Jim Aiken, who loved and cared for him for approximately 12 years. Leonard lived over 100 years, and was just a few weeks from his 101st birthday.
Most important in his life was Leonard’s relationship with Jesus Christ. Leonard’s decision to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior gave his life pattern and purpose, to serve and praise his heavenly father. It is known without doubt, that his relationship continues today, even to this moment in Heaven.
Burial will be Tuesday October 1 , 2019 at the Bakersfield National Cemetery will full military Army Honors starting at 12:15.
Celebration of Life service will Be November 16 , 2019 starting 2 p.m at Heritage Bible Church 2323 Mt. Vernon Ave Bakersfield ,Ca 93306